How to Never Lose a Sock Again

You know how it goes. The laundry goes in, the laundry comes out, and somehow in the span of two hours you’ve managed to lose 15 socks.  

How does that even happen?  

The bigger the family, the worse the problem. Especially when the kids help out with the washing.  

Let me just say, this was a real question one of my regular readers asked about a month ago. I never would have though of writing about socks. But the more I researched, the more I realized what a common problem lost socks are. 

So what’s the solution?  

How do you make sure your kids actually have matching socks to wear Monday morning?  

I’ve got six solutions for you, drawn from a variety of sources. Surely one of these methods will work for your family.  


Lost Sock Line 

The classic matchless sock line. Simply hang a laundry line in or near the laundry room, attach clothespins, et voila! This is now your designated orphanage, ready and waiting to receive single socks.  

Whenever you finish doing laundry and end up with a matchless sock, hang it up on the line where you can see it. That way, when you come across it’s buddy, you can easily put them together.  

Take a look at these super cute lost sock signs to add some laundry room style.  


Sock Basket 

Have a separate basket to sort socks into as you fold the laundry. This helps you keep track of them as you go. When you’re done folding everything else, match up the socks. It will be much easier to see their matches without all the other clothes in the way. 

Another similar method is the sock ring method. Use sock rings like these to clip (or even hang) socks together as you fold, keeping them separate from the rest of the laundry.


Only Matching Sets 

Here’s the lazy girl secret to sock matching: Only buy matching sets. That way, if you lose a sock here or there, you can still use all the ones you have left.  

This is actually a really good method for big families (my mother-in-law has used it!) and I’ll tell you why: 

If you buy a different coloured set for each family member, you’ll know exactly whose socks are whose. For instance, all red socks go to Jimmy, all blue socks are Danny’s, and all the purple socks are little Susie’s. Not only does this help with sock matching, it also takes the stress out of sorting.  


Pin Together

(Source: LifeHacker

Use safety pins to fasten socks before putting them in the laundry. That way they stay together throughout washing and drying.  

Bonus: Keep them pinned together until you plan to wear them. Then pin them back together when you take them off and put them in the laundry. You’ll never have a chance to lose one! 


Use A Mesh Bag

(Source: LifeHacker

Before washing, put all socks together in a mesh laundry bag like this one.  Transfer whole bag to dryer.  

Tada! When you take it out, all the socks are together, exactly where you put them. No opportunity for the dryer to eat them when they’re protected by the bag. 🙂 


Wash Only Socks

(Source: Huffington Post)

If you have a large family (or just wear a lot of socks), it might be worth your while to do a laundry load once or twice a week that consists of only socks. That way they don’t get stuck in fitted sheets or sweatshirts. You know that each of the socks that went into the washer has a pair in there.  


There you go! Six new methods to try out this week. 

Let me know in the comments which one you’re going to try.  

And once you’ve tried it, let me know how it went! 

 6 simple methods to keep socks together in the laundry. #lifehacks | Mom but not a Mom

Does anybody have additional methods of keeping socks together that I missed? Please, share your sock wisdom.  

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  1. Thanks, Dawn!! I’m ordering the laundry bags now! I like the one color per person idea.

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