The Most Comfortable (and Beautiful) Clothing for Moms

If you’re a mom, think about what you look for in clothing.  

Comfort? Aesthetic? What about something that doesn’t wrinkle easily? Something you can throw on in the morning and look great, but then lounge around watching Netflix in after the kids are in bed?  

If any of those qualifiers matched your answer, have I got the solution for you.  

It’s called LuLaRoe.  


What is LulaRoe?  

It’s a consultant-based clothing line that supports home businesses for women (or men, if they’re into that sort of thing).  

Consultants sell merchandise via Facebook groups, websites, or out of their own home.  

The idea is that clothes should feel as good as they look. You won’t find a lot of buttons, zippers, or other elements that can make clothes less than comfortable. All of their clothes are modest, flowy, and feminine. 

Sound like something you might be interested in?  

Don’t just take it from me. Here’s what stay-at-home mom of two and LuLaRoe consultant Stacey Drendel of the Darling Drendel Boutique has to say: 


The most comfortable clothing for moms! | Mom but not a Mom


LuLaRoe is all about comfortable but stylish clothing. Our styles are made to fit and flatter all body types and sizes. They are perfect for women in all stages of life and are great transitional items during our biggest transitional times of our life – like when our body changes to grow a human being. 

Our pieces are great due to their durability and stretch. I still own and wear the same pieces from before I was pregnant with my second child, full-term during my pregnancy and post-partum – 2 weeks post-partum and several months later after losing weight! 

The beauty of LuLaRoe is the styles are fantastic for a working mom or a stay-at-home mom. 

Here’s an idea of some of the styles we carry: 


A structured dress with an exposed zipper, pleats and pockets. Great for a simple day of running errands, a day at the office or going to a more formal event. Due to the pleats and where the waistline hits, it fits comfortably during pregnancy. You can also wear the Amelia backwards for a more edgy look (v-neckline) and is great for mamas who are nursing to have easier access.



The most comfortable clothing for moms. | Mom but not a Mom

A stunning maxi-length dress with a scoop neckline. Some of these dresses contain rayon and are very stretchy and perfect throughout the whole pregnancy. They are flowy so they are even practical in the summer! The scoop neckline is also great for nursing mamas because it is easy to pull down.  

Anas are my personal favorite and make me feel like a goddess.  

Nicoles also have the same scoop neckline but feature a knee-length full-circle skirt. 



A simple knee-length dress. Julias are great for mamas who are pregnant to show off the bump! It hugs your curves in just the right places but is also so comfortable, it’s like wearing a t-shirt.  



A simple dress with a loose full skirt.

Due to the high-low swing skirt and the fact that it is only fitted in the bust and shoulders, it’s nice for the first few months of pregnancy if you want to hide the beginnings of a bump.  

Carly is also great post-partum and is very comfortable. You can wear it with leggings as more of a tunic if you nursing. 



A fantastic pencil skirt with a stretchy yoga-like waistband. I wore mine throughout pregnancy and post-partum. It hugs you in all the right places and isn’t too tight for the belly.  

Cassie also works wonderfully as a comfortable alternative in the office. Who wants to wait for casual Friday when you can feel good every day?  



This is the perfect tunic top to pair with leggings. It’s my go-to outfit if I know I am going to spend the day with my kids or have a playdate. The Irma covers all the assets and is just plain comfortable. 


Perfect T  

Another one of my favorite shirts. It is a bell bottom, baby doll type of shirt and flares out at the hips with slits. It is the perfect companion for tight fitting bottoms, whether that is leggings, Cassie skirt (pencil) or a pair of skinny jeans. 


Classic T  

Just like your traditional t-shirt but cut to flatter your body. It’s soft, feminine, and comes in lots of fun colors and prints.  



Randy is the baseball tee and is great for transitional months, or a cooler summer day. It has ¾ length sleeves, is cut straight, and can be unisex.          



This shirt is perfect going into fall/winter, with the cut of the Classic T but long sleeves. 



A form-fitting top that looks best tucked into a skirt. Sleeves are elbow length. 



The most comfortable clothing for moms! | Mom but not a Mom

A knee-length duster cardigan which comes in various kinds of fabric. Super cozy and features pockets! 



Our leggings make amazing gifts for ourselves, other women in our lives, and our own kids!  

They fit a size 2T up to a 26/28 in women pants size.  

I put leggings on my 9-month-old. My son is very particular about textures and LuLaRoe leggings are our go-to. They are a cozy layer underneath pants that “aren’t soft enough” or are “too itchy”. They’re also wonderful by themselves as pajama pants. Since each size has a large amount of stretch, they allow kids to grow a few sizes so you don’t have to buy new pairs every few months. 

Leggings are also great for women who fluctuate in weight. You can wear leggings comfortably throughout pregnancy but I do recommend sizing up in your last trimester. 

These leggings are buttery soft and are patent-pending brushed and also have a patent-pending on the wide yoga-like waistband. These are not your traditional elastic band leggings. The band doesn’t press in and leave seam-impressions.  


Convinced yet? 😉  

If you’re interested in trying out LuLaRoe for the first time, or you’re looking for a consultant to buy from, check out Stacey’s Facebook shop here: 

Or drop a comment for an invite to my LuLaRoe online pop-up boutique that’s happening Monday, Oct. 9!  



Moms, have you tried LuLaRoe clothes? What do you think?  

*Note: I did not receive compensation for this post. All opinions are my own, and I chose to promote a good product without receiving anything in return.

2 thoughts on “The Most Comfortable (and Beautiful) Clothing for Moms

  1. Being mother does not intend to end the life as a female. Mostly females left being stylish after birth of the children, perhaps their life gets occupied in dealing with the children, whatever. I would simply say they ought to rather change the dressing sense, for example, to modest clothing. It is indeed the comfortable clothing.

    1. Yes, it makes me sad to see moms stop caring about their dress just because they’ve had children and start to feel frumpy. There are plenty of nice, stylish, comfortable clothes out there that are perfect for all stages of mom life.

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